Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bluff City History: Memphis Underground Clazzikz Vol 1

This project features tracks from the legends of the M-Town spanning as early as 1990. Triple 6 Mafia, Al Kapone, Gangsta Pat, Yo Gotti, DJ Spanish Fly, Skinny Pimp, Playa Fly, etc, etc, etc. This is certainly the pre-crunk era music and most of this tape (minus the lingering analog tape sounds) are still as buck as they were 15 plus years ago.

Get it @ zshare, courtesy of L'Daialogue @ Ovaground SoundZ!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

SmurfTrill - Higher Level (Exclusive HOT Shit!)

Whassup mane??? It's ya boy Dre'matic back in this thiznang. Today I gotta show some C-Town love to a native of the city. My nigga been out here grindin like a fool and he this close to a major deal. My boy sent me these a lil while ago when he was politickin' in the NY. With no further shit-shootin I present to you one of COL's budding stars, Smurf|Trill!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Rob Breezy & Davey Boy Smith Present: Turn Up The Bump Vol. 2

As promised and back by unfathomable levels of blockular demand, Southern Hospitality presents the second installment in Davey Boy Smith and the mixtape mail man Mr Rob Breezy’s connoisseur’s collection of ATL, Memphis, Houston, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Chi Town, Bay Area and Bama goodness! Enjoy and don’t forget to turn up the bump!!!

Get it @ zshare; courtesy of the UK homies Southern Hospitality.