Friday, January 30, 2009

Crime Lords - Hustla'z Dream

Aight, I promised it--here it go! The second studio album from the Crime Lords. Production by me, Blackout, and Drumma Boy. By the time we recorded this one, the group was down to the five on the first row of the picture. From left to right: Tyme Bomb (not the same one from Kinfolk Thugs), Mista Dre'matic (me, orange shirt), JaneHead Busser/Black Nazi (shirt off), Poo Poo aka Quick Tempa, and Lil John the Crookit O.N.E. The three on the back row, from left to right: Big Tank, Dirty C, and Mac Tini. Tank and Mac Tini were part of the group Treal when this album was being recorded and do not appear on it but Dirty C was a soloist at the time and did make an appearance. Maybe in the near future I'll post the album from the group Treal called Lost Memphis. That shit go hard and I believe most if not all the production was done by young Drumma Boy (he even rapped on that junt). Bump this shit, it's only a handful of people that even have it...

why u tryna stop my pay, get the phuk up out my way...

Meanin' Dat I'm On (prod. by Drumma Boy)

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Michee Mee & L.A. Luv (prod. by Scott La Rock & KRS 1)

Classic shit, don't sleep!

"Elements of Style" b/w "Run For Cover"

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...speakin' of KRS, check him out on Alex Jones show:

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life Lessons from Dirty South Legends: Yo Mama's on Crack Rock - Disco Rick & The Dogs

Mane, I know you young niggas might not know shit about this junt right here. But if you grew up in that dirty dirty in the eighties then yo ass grew up on booty music and bass music before crunk music hit the scene. Today's offering comes to us from a group that probably isn't as recognized outside the south as say Luke or even the 69 Boyz but got dammit these fools (the front man Disco Rick specifically) are among the early pioneers of street oriented bass/booty music. To me, this is one of the defining songs of a generation. The lesson in this shit, if it somehow eluded your thought process, is simple: don't smoke crack cuz lil bad ass project kids gon' tell all ya bizness and they gon' pick on yo lil crack babies. Children got enough pressure as it is, they don't need a crack head mammy fuckin shit up for em. Get ya shit straight bitch! Enjoy...

clean video:

dirty stream:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Killa Cam said yo bitch is goin'

Always remember, if yeen on yo job somebody else'll handle that!

You betta check yo bitch...

Pimpin' Ken tellin the truth...

...bout these trick ass snitch niggas in the game.

Hoes say tip me, I say tip ME!

Keep it all times, not just in ya rhymes and in ya mind sap sucka!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fat Ass Albert in da Hood - Da Snitch Episode

Whackpiktures and Pikahssovision is some damn fools. These niggaz been doin' voice overs on old Fat Albert footage and the shit is hilarious! You'd swear the cartoons were drawn with their storylines in mind. Just watch this shit mane...

Hold up mane, did yall catch the jheri curl commercial??? Told yall they some damn fools!


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Keep It Hood (DedBeatz Remix) - Project Pat feat. OJ Da Juice

Ah yeah, it's ya boy 'Matic back up in this thang thang finna hit yall wit a remix. Since my last post was to showcase my producer, I felt I needed to put it on ya brain that not only did I murder mics at will, I can also put the beatdown on them boards too. Now nigga, what??? Oh, lemme put yall up on this souf shit right quick. Yall know I fool wit an' real nigga that don't give a phuk and just be speakin they mind on some phuk the world shit. And the artist's featured on this dope ass North Memphis ass remix I threw together for yall, are the epitome of keepin it hood to the core. Ain go'n even try to build this shit up no more, yall know the realest niggas in the game right now is the great Gucci Mane (free that nigga Gucci, mane!), his protege OJ da Juice (yall quit sleepin on Juice, mane!) and the definition of reality: Project Pat-uh!!! Well, ain got no Gucci for yall today but I do got them other two niggas though. Enjoy this shit, turn it up bitch!

Gettin' My Paypuh - Mista Dre'matic feat. Project Pat (prod. by Assassin Chief)

Sup bitch! Me, a playa can't complain. This go'n be a quick lil drop today. This junt right here is a lil ditty I cooked up a coupla weeks ago. The track was produced by my nigga (also from the M-Town) by the name of Assassin Chief. In case you aint already know, this nigga is a phukkin beast on them tracks, he killin you and ya mans and nem, believe dat slick! Oh yeah, did I mention Project Pat is on the hook??? Nigga kill yall self, you know you can't stand it!!! Oh yea, if an' one of yall got a label or any kinda serious music situation shakin', find my producer and sign that damn fool... Oh yea yea, to all my DJ niggas, I left the third verse open so you can do ya drops on that junt my nig!

And just to explain the "Legion of Doom" intro, this was recorded with me as Gorilla Grodd and Assassin Chief as Solomon Grundy. Marinate on that for a minute...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Crime Lords - Criminal Behavior (2000)

What up gangstas! It's ya boy Dre'matic back again with another Memphis underground treat for you. This is the first of three projects by the Crime Lords you can only find here in the Krooked Kingdom of the blogosphere. The very first incarnation of the Crime Lords as a group dates back to around '95/'96 with a group of young niggaz reppin' different parts of Frayser. One of those original members, known then as Lil Yo, has made it big over the past few years. Some of yall might have heard of Ridge Crest native Yo Gotti. He was the front man of the original Crime Lords group which included some of his kinfolks and classmates. Lil Yo had been doin' music with DJ Sound & the Frayser Click as well as appearing on releases by Skinny Pimp's GimiSum Family. After gaining a lil street fame for himself after releasing his solo tape "Youngsta'z On A Come Up" produced by his brother Big Jook, Lil Yo cut another tape featuring Lil Tri, Lil Maniyak, Lil T and my lil cousin Lil John the Crookit One. These and maybe a couple other niggas who name started with "Lil" made up the first Crime Lords group. They only dropped one tape as a group and there was no more heard from any of them until Lil Yo came back on the scene years later as Yo Gotti and began his ascent into nationwide stardom. Meanwhile, taking the old group name and teaming up with his own kinfolks, Lil John the Crookit One reemerged onto the underground scene. Our first cd as the Crime Lords was Criminal Behavior. It was recorded at ARP Studios near Binghampton which was run by this psycho OG killa muh'phukka named Chaz. We even landed a lil notoriety by being featured in an issue of the infamous Murder Dog Magazine. The project was well received and after taking a short break to do other projects we reconvened to record the follow-up, Hustlaz Dream, which never got released but I will be posting in the future. Enough talk...

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Da Fam Clique - Da Family Reunion (2008)

Damn, this bloggin' shit is too easy. Yall gonna have to back up off me in a minute cuz I'ma be on top my nig! But yeah, intro aside, let's get to it. Like I told you before I be doin' my production thang and every now and then I like to throw shit out there to see what's worth pushin' and what needs to be scrapped or revamped. The offering this hour comes from Da Fam Clique. This is another collection of tracks we recorded after the first project kind of took a life of it's own. Sonically speaking, the mix on this one is a lil better than the first DFC album and the artists also stepped their game up. I'm proud to present to you Da Family Reunion by Da Fam Clique.

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Life Lessons from Dirty South Legends: The Click - Crime Boss featuring MJG

Whassup pimpin'??? I'm still posted up in the cut, tryna figure what I'ma hit yall wit next. Then it came to mind, I need to take my folks to school! One thing I really feel like we're missing from the south these days has been the "older brother/big homey" jewels that was being sprinkled on the listener back when I was comin' up. For alot of us that were younguns in the '80s and '90s, rap was the older brother (or in some cases the father) that we never had. It kept us from makin' rookie mistakes and from generally saved a multitude of us from growin' up to be a straight busta! Today's installment of Life Lessons comes to us from the legendary Suave House builders Crime Boss and MJG. This shit needs no further explanation, just enjoy this junt and take heed to the lesson at hand.

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Krooked Kingdom - Niggative Intent 2001

Aight folks, as promised, I'm back with that exclusive junt I mentioned in my farewell post to the old This is where my blog got it's name from. The first cd I was a part of was with my kinfolks in Memphis in a group called the Crime Lords on a project called Criminal Behavior (which I'll post later). In the hiatus between that and the next Crime Lords project, the group broke off into a few different factions with some members even doing solo stuff. Two new groups came out of the Crime Lords: one of them being Treal and the other was Krooked Kingdom. The Criminal Behavior project was promoted throughout the streets of Memphis upon it's release. For the Krooked Kingdom project, I wanted to take a different approach. I realized early on that a broader, worldwide audience could be reached phukkin' with the internet. Which lead to a small campaign (and eventual reign) on and Napster. Enough talk though, peep this modern day Memphis underground internet classic!

Get it @ CD Baby! Krooked Kingdom - Niggative Intent

Hood Classics: Gangstafied - Kane & Abel featuring Master P

Whas da bizness mane??? I'm back already with another post, this shit don't stop! Today I wanna kick shit off with what I intend to be a recurring theme in the form of paying homage to those who paved the way for the south and those who came out reppin the south but didn't quite get total commercial acceptance.

While being from the south and being too gangsta for TV was once a hindrance to gettin' on, it seems like it's almost a prerequisite in today's industry. But by the mid-90's, the rest of the hip hop community was hit with an on-slaught of southerners including Master P rich ass and his extended roster of talent. But enough blah blah, let's get down to the nitty gritty. I present to you a down south classic, one of the dopest tracks in all of history...(sang it wit me now): we GANGSTAFIIIIIIIIEEED!!!!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Is This The End??? (no Diddy)

The following article is about 5 or 6 years old, but the effects of what it addresses are still lingering. Luckily, I was able to retrieve a few of my personal cd's that were on's server before the final ax came down. Mane, that was the good old days of free enterprise and free music on the internet. What you young niggaz even know about (the real) Napster or Not much probably. Read the article and feel my pain. In the very near future, I'll post the first commercial release I produced between 1999 and 2000 and re-released in 2001 just before the end of archive is destroyed

By Andrew Orlowski in San Francisco

Michael Robertson's attempts to save the million-song music archive of the company he founded,, appear to have been unsuccessful. The domain was bought by CNET, and Vivendi Universal had warned that the plug would be pulled.

"I had no luck in buying the content, paying for the content to be backed up or facilitating a relationship with," Robertson told us today in email. Robertson had met with Vivendi, and as we reported,'s Brewster Kahle was only too happy to host the content.

The archive represents the work of 250,000 artists. had ample bandwidth and storage to host the files, Kahle told us ten days ago.

Primetones, a Houston based music delivery company and Indie site had also offered to host the music.

"We're about to lose a museum filled with digital antiquities that are every bit as meaningful as their physical counterparts filling today's museums," Robertson had said.

CNET had yet to report on the destruction of the archive. We assume technical difficulties…

Da Fam Clique - Family Album Volume 1 (2006)

For the first (real) post of 2009, I present to you a project I did a few years ago with my kinfolks down here in GA. This is a compilation of sorts with a wide range of themes and styles but the common thread is that yours truly is the sole producer (with the exception of one track) and all the MC's are real family (or close enough that we consider each other kin). When we first started recording, there were no intentions of making an album. It was just some real folks, hangin' out, blowin' purp, drankin' brews and kickin' the phukkin' bobo. It ended up being a local classic, even spawning a couple of tracks that got some radio play for a lil while. Hope you enjoy this as much as we did recording it.

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