Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Da Fam Clique - Da Family Reunion (2008)

Damn, this bloggin' shit is too easy. Yall gonna have to back up off me in a minute cuz I'ma be on top my nig! But yeah, intro aside, let's get to it. Like I told you before I be doin' my production thang and every now and then I like to throw shit out there to see what's worth pushin' and what needs to be scrapped or revamped. The offering this hour comes from Da Fam Clique. This is another collection of tracks we recorded after the first project kind of took a life of it's own. Sonically speaking, the mix on this one is a lil better than the first DFC album and the artists also stepped their game up. I'm proud to present to you Da Family Reunion by Da Fam Clique.

Get it @ rapidshare!

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