Friday, February 27, 2009

Muzikfene Presents: Trappin Hard Servin Fenes (Muzikfene Edition)

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Project Pat - Keep It Hood Tour

Pat said all yall promoters and on niggaz need to go'n head and book him right quick so they can set up the itinerary for the tour. Hit up Don Figga @ 901.834.0789 or 901.239.1482 and have your paper together.

In an interview with Omar B @ HipHopDX, Pat said “We’re trying to book up these dates for the next couple months. It’s going down, and we’re coming to a city near whoever calls us. We’re doing walk throughs, Bar Mitzvahs, house parties and even coming out of the pen parties. I just started that. Anybody who just got out and wants to see us kicking it and performing, call them numbers. I ain’t scared of the people. A wolf ain’t messing with no wolf.”

Friday, February 20, 2009

Who Killed....???

One question. Answer it in the comments section if you choose to answer it at all. Now, my boy Assassin Chief had told me he was gonna be shoppin' some beats to Pat, Paul, and Juicy for one of Pat's upcoming mixtapes. Just so happens Pat ended up using a beat that I had previously dropped a track on just for the hell of it (great minds think alike!). Lucky for me though, he used it for a mixtape and not the album. But after listening to Pat's version (and yall know Pat is my favorite rapper besides MJG), I really feel like I straight kilt Pat lyrically on my junt. But I digress, I'll let the public be the judge.

Project Pat - Get My Pay Up

Mista Dre'matic - Gettin' My Paypuh Interviews Project Pat

Dutty Laundry & Project Pat - Back 2 Da Hood

Mane, if a nigga didn't hafta work I'll be murkin the blog game...

Here's a couple of tracks off the mixtape produced my boy Assassin Chief (aka Paragon Assassin)...

Get My Respect (feat. Juicy J)

Get My Pay Up

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Shots to my folks BluHaze, HAAS, and mempho for the links...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Project Pat - Real Recognize Real (2009)

Whatcha waitin' on???

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Wake Yo Punk Ass Up! - Da Volunteers

Mane, here I go again tryna start shit. Finna get right to da point. I'm tired of yall sleepin' on niggaz that's bumpin out tha frame. So instead of laughin at yall for bumpin shit like all this new midtown swag music that's out, I figured I'd put yall up on some game. First choice for this series is a group I'll admit I slept on when they first came to my attention. But mane I downloaded these folks last album and all I can say you niggaz betta wake tha phuk up! Ion never hear nobody sayin nuthin bout these boys but mane the truth is they wangin sumthin major. For them to title the album "Comin' Out Harder", you know they had to let they nuts hang all over the cd. Do yourself a favor and fall out the bed, bump ya head and get up and bump this shit mane! Damn, did I mentioned they co-signed by Ball & G??? Wake up bitch!

HOT! Singles...

OJ da Juice feat. Cam & Gucci Mane - Make The Trap Say Aye RMX
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DJ Paul - Jus Like Dat
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8Ball Ft. MJG, Juicy J, Project Pat, Yung D, & Devius - This Ain't
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Yo Gotti feat 8Ball - That's What's Up RMX
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Project Pat feat. Juicy J & DJ Paul - Don't Phuk Wit My Money
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all tracks cdq/tag free, props to bluhaze (DirtyGloveBastard) for the drops!

New shit on the way...

As soon as I get, yall got it. If you beat me to it, hook a nigga up bitch!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

We Did It Again! - Triple 6 Mafia

Aight, anotha series I wanna crank up 'round here is gonna be highlightin' tracks that were remade that some people would never know were not totally brand new. No one in music is more infamous for rehashing old tracks to make new music than Paul & juicy so we'll start the series off with a few from them. Check it out...

Skinny Pimp & 211 feat. Lil Gin

DJ Paul & Frayser Boy

Skinny Pimp & 211

DJ Paul & Project Pat

DJ Paul & 411

La Chat

That's it for now, but they re-made a million tracks so look for more in the future!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Play Me Some Pimpin', Mane!: The O'Jays - Listen to the Clock On the Wall

Yall know what it is. Back this time with a series dedicated to puttin' some pimpin' in ya life via the old school. This junt was recently sampled by Juicy Low Down Muthaphukkin J for Project Pat's first teaser off the "Real Recognize Real" album which featured another one of my favorite nigga's in the game OJ da Juice. Smoke one to this while you chillin' wit' ole boy's old lady!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Exclusive Ball & G Freestyle

Burn One over at Blvd St. posted a freestyle from Eightball off some old Funk Master Flex mixtape, so I decided to dig up some more rare dope shit from Ball & G. Check it out...

Dutty Laundry & Project Pat - Back 2 Da Hood

New Project Pat mixtape on the way, stay tuned...

MC Mack - Knozaan

This a new junt off the up and coming MC Mack album "Pure Ana Volume 1". It's been out for a few months but I still phuk wit it. Another North Memphis vet in this thang, bump this loud!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

DJ Trap & Project Pat - Get Ya Weight Up Vol. 22 - The Dirty Dime Xtra

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For shows and mixtape verses call 901.239.1482 or 901.834.0789 ask for Don Figga.

DJ Paul (The King of Memphis) - Jus' Like Dat?

What can a nigga say, new DJ Paul bitches! Buy that shit when it drop...jus' like dat!!!

courtesy of the KOM

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Da Dream Team - Evergreen's Finest

Okay, it's ya boy Dre' back with another North Memphis exclusive. This junt right here is a project my cousin Poo Poo (aka Quick Tempa) did in memory of Krooked Kingdom member Gangsta Lyn who died in a motorcycle accident. After Gangsta Lyn died, Poo Poo would still hang out in Evergreen over there by Geno's corner store with G-Lyn's brothers and other assorted neighborhood characters. This was around the time I had already moved back to GA but was still sending beat CDs to my kinfolks in the M-Town. This project also features a track or two produced by White Mike, another undiscovered producer based down here in Columbus, GA. In addition to my cousin, the project also features A-Dro, Mac Fetti, Lil North and some more North Memphis/Evergreen niggaz. If you've downloaded any other shit produced by me, you might hear a beat or two that was on another project but don't blame me--I ain't even know these fools was recordin' the shit til it was finished! But you gon' love it I guarantee.

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RIP Gangsta Lyn, we miss you dawg!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lil Yo - Youngsta's On A Come Up (1996)

This is the Lil Yo tape I mentioned in the first Crime Lords post. The first solo tape from the young nigga who became Yo Gotti. Guess the youngsta came on up! Also featuring Lil Debo 2, Mr. Yack, Lil Maniyack, Lil T, Lil Try, and Lil John the Crooked 1. Produced by Big Jook and the Gimi Sum Family and recorded at the Gimi Sum Dungeon.

Lil Yo - Youngsta's On A Come Up

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Antsy Pants - Vampire

Whas up family??? Glad yall back in the Krooked Kingdom, home of all things... well, krooked! This post is dedicated to my new favorite group who sings my new favorite song in the entire world. This song is so phukkin awesome, it's all I've listened to since I first heard it. The track is called Vampire by this collective called the Antsy Pants (featuring Leo Bear Creek and Kimya Dawson). It was on the soundtrack to the movie Juno which is about a white girl who gets pregnant in high school and gives the baby up for adoption. Come to think of it, the movie pretty much kicks ass too. Find that shit and download it later but right now download this kick ass song and get in touch with your inner (white) child!

If anybody knows anything about the Antsy Pants or Kimya Dawson, hit up the comments and put me up on game.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tales From The Pimp

I'm posting this junt right here cuz my lil brother Big Dunc said so. Aight, this the story... this is like one of the first beats I ever made on Fruity Loops 3 back when I first came back down to Georgia in '01. Didn't quite know the full potential of the program but I was still raw wit it out the gate. Felt like I had a MPC when I first started using Fruity. Every song I ever wanted to sample came to mind but among the very first was the theme to Tales From the Crypt. Loved the show, loved the beat, hope you like mine. Oh yeah, I'm a thousand degrees colder wit this FL8 shit.

Treal - Lost Memphis (2003)

Another treat for you today from the extended Crime Lords family. This junt right here is another hard to find street classic from the M-town. I won't even try to go into too much detail but this album features members Tato Head, Big Tank, Mac Tini and some more niggaz from a lil country part of Tennessee north of Memphis called Chapel Hill. The old head talkin on the intro is my cousin Beaver and Tyme Bomb also makes a guest appearance. Also, production was handled by Drumma Boy (completely, if I'm not mistaken) and the nigga even rapped on the junt. Grab this shit right now!

Get it @ rapidshare courtesy of Bottom of the Map