Friday, February 20, 2009

Who Killed....???

One question. Answer it in the comments section if you choose to answer it at all. Now, my boy Assassin Chief had told me he was gonna be shoppin' some beats to Pat, Paul, and Juicy for one of Pat's upcoming mixtapes. Just so happens Pat ended up using a beat that I had previously dropped a track on just for the hell of it (great minds think alike!). Lucky for me though, he used it for a mixtape and not the album. But after listening to Pat's version (and yall know Pat is my favorite rapper besides MJG), I really feel like I straight kilt Pat lyrically on my junt. But I digress, I'll let the public be the judge.

Project Pat - Get My Pay Up

Mista Dre'matic - Gettin' My Paypuh

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