Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Antsy Pants - Vampire

Whas up family??? Glad yall back in the Krooked Kingdom, home of all things... well, krooked! This post is dedicated to my new favorite group who sings my new favorite song in the entire world. This song is so phukkin awesome, it's all I've listened to since I first heard it. The track is called Vampire by this collective called the Antsy Pants (featuring Leo Bear Creek and Kimya Dawson). It was on the soundtrack to the movie Juno which is about a white girl who gets pregnant in high school and gives the baby up for adoption. Come to think of it, the movie pretty much kicks ass too. Find that shit and download it later but right now download this kick ass song and get in touch with your inner (white) child!

If anybody knows anything about the Antsy Pants or Kimya Dawson, hit up the comments and put me up on game.

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