Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lil Yo - Youngsta's On A Come Up (1996)

This is the Lil Yo tape I mentioned in the first Crime Lords post. The first solo tape from the young nigga who became Yo Gotti. Guess the youngsta came on up! Also featuring Lil Debo 2, Mr. Yack, Lil Maniyack, Lil T, Lil Try, and Lil John the Crooked 1. Produced by Big Jook and the Gimi Sum Family and recorded at the Gimi Sum Dungeon.

Lil Yo - Youngsta's On A Come Up


Anonymous said...

Wuz happening, anychance u can post a tracklisting for this tape & some more scans if possible.

It would be much appreciated.

Please also check your inbox I sent you a message to your gmail account.


Anonymous said...

1. Grave Digger
2. Ride Heavy
3. The Dungeon
4. Funky Town
5. 9 To Yo Dome
6. Stackin' Them G's
7. Ridge Crest