Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Da Dream Team - Evergreen's Finest

Okay, it's ya boy Dre' back with another North Memphis exclusive. This junt right here is a project my cousin Poo Poo (aka Quick Tempa) did in memory of Krooked Kingdom member Gangsta Lyn who died in a motorcycle accident. After Gangsta Lyn died, Poo Poo would still hang out in Evergreen over there by Geno's corner store with G-Lyn's brothers and other assorted neighborhood characters. This was around the time I had already moved back to GA but was still sending beat CDs to my kinfolks in the M-Town. This project also features a track or two produced by White Mike, another undiscovered producer based down here in Columbus, GA. In addition to my cousin, the project also features A-Dro, Mac Fetti, Lil North and some more North Memphis/Evergreen niggaz. If you've downloaded any other shit produced by me, you might hear a beat or two that was on another project but don't blame me--I ain't even know these fools was recordin' the shit til it was finished! But you gon' love it I guarantee.

Get it @ rapidshare!

RIP Gangsta Lyn, we miss you dawg!!!

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