Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wake Yo Punk Ass Up! - Da Volunteers

Mane, here I go again tryna start shit. Finna get right to da point. I'm tired of yall sleepin' on niggaz that's bumpin out tha frame. So instead of laughin at yall for bumpin shit like all this new midtown swag music that's out, I figured I'd put yall up on some game. First choice for this series is a group I'll admit I slept on when they first came to my attention. But mane I downloaded these folks last album and all I can say you niggaz betta wake tha phuk up! Ion never hear nobody sayin nuthin bout these boys but mane the truth is they wangin sumthin major. For them to title the album "Comin' Out Harder", you know they had to let they nuts hang all over the cd. Do yourself a favor and fall out the bed, bump ya head and get up and bump this shit mane! Damn, did I mentioned they co-signed by Ball & G??? Wake up bitch!

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