Saturday, June 23, 2012

Play Me Some Pimpin', Mane!: David Oliver "Ms."

What it is folk??? Yall know what time it is mane, time to put some pimpin in ya life. I know yall been missing out on this part of my blog. Today's choice is a classic, though most of yall will be more familiar with the sampled version than the original. My stepdad used to play this junt back when he used to DJ, so I became familiar with this tune at a real early age. So imagine my delight when the Legendary Traxster flipped it for Do or Die's debut single which also resurrected the career of one of my favorite emcee's of all time--Twista. The original song is entitled Ms. by David Oliver and it's about a bitch so bad, she aint gotta try to be no man (like these hoes today but that's a whole other subject). But yea though, roll you one up and bump this junt a few times so you can be feeling real pimpish like me!

BONUS!: Legendary Traxster discusses how the record came together...