Thursday, January 22, 2009

Keep It Hood (DedBeatz Remix) - Project Pat feat. OJ Da Juice

Ah yeah, it's ya boy 'Matic back up in this thang thang finna hit yall wit a remix. Since my last post was to showcase my producer, I felt I needed to put it on ya brain that not only did I murder mics at will, I can also put the beatdown on them boards too. Now nigga, what??? Oh, lemme put yall up on this souf shit right quick. Yall know I fool wit an' real nigga that don't give a phuk and just be speakin they mind on some phuk the world shit. And the artist's featured on this dope ass North Memphis ass remix I threw together for yall, are the epitome of keepin it hood to the core. Ain go'n even try to build this shit up no more, yall know the realest niggas in the game right now is the great Gucci Mane (free that nigga Gucci, mane!), his protege OJ da Juice (yall quit sleepin on Juice, mane!) and the definition of reality: Project Pat-uh!!! Well, ain got no Gucci for yall today but I do got them other two niggas though. Enjoy this shit, turn it up bitch!

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