Friday, January 30, 2009

Crime Lords - Hustla'z Dream

Aight, I promised it--here it go! The second studio album from the Crime Lords. Production by me, Blackout, and Drumma Boy. By the time we recorded this one, the group was down to the five on the first row of the picture. From left to right: Tyme Bomb (not the same one from Kinfolk Thugs), Mista Dre'matic (me, orange shirt), JaneHead Busser/Black Nazi (shirt off), Poo Poo aka Quick Tempa, and Lil John the Crookit O.N.E. The three on the back row, from left to right: Big Tank, Dirty C, and Mac Tini. Tank and Mac Tini were part of the group Treal when this album was being recorded and do not appear on it but Dirty C was a soloist at the time and did make an appearance. Maybe in the near future I'll post the album from the group Treal called Lost Memphis. That shit go hard and I believe most if not all the production was done by young Drumma Boy (he even rapped on that junt). Bump this shit, it's only a handful of people that even have it...

why u tryna stop my pay, get the phuk up out my way...

Meanin' Dat I'm On (prod. by Drumma Boy)

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