Thursday, January 29, 2009

Life Lessons from Dirty South Legends: Yo Mama's on Crack Rock - Disco Rick & The Dogs

Mane, I know you young niggas might not know shit about this junt right here. But if you grew up in that dirty dirty in the eighties then yo ass grew up on booty music and bass music before crunk music hit the scene. Today's offering comes to us from a group that probably isn't as recognized outside the south as say Luke or even the 69 Boyz but got dammit these fools (the front man Disco Rick specifically) are among the early pioneers of street oriented bass/booty music. To me, this is one of the defining songs of a generation. The lesson in this shit, if it somehow eluded your thought process, is simple: don't smoke crack cuz lil bad ass project kids gon' tell all ya bizness and they gon' pick on yo lil crack babies. Children got enough pressure as it is, they don't need a crack head mammy fuckin shit up for em. Get ya shit straight bitch! Enjoy...

clean video:

dirty stream:

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thundacat said...

lmaooooooo growing up in Ft Lauderdale...this song was the shiiittttt we used to sing it ALL. The. TIME.!! ya mama's on crack rock!!!