Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gettin' My Paypuh - Mista Dre'matic feat. Project Pat (prod. by Assassin Chief)

Sup bitch! Me, a playa can't complain. This go'n be a quick lil drop today. This junt right here is a lil ditty I cooked up a coupla weeks ago. The track was produced by my nigga (also from the M-Town) by the name of Assassin Chief. In case you aint already know, this nigga is a phukkin beast on them tracks, he killin you and ya mans and nem, believe dat slick! Oh yeah, did I mention Project Pat is on the hook??? Nigga kill yall self, you know you can't stand it!!! Oh yea, if an' one of yall got a label or any kinda serious music situation shakin', find my producer and sign that damn fool... Oh yea yea, to all my DJ niggas, I left the third verse open so you can do ya drops on that junt my nig!

And just to explain the "Legion of Doom" intro, this was recorded with me as Gorilla Grodd and Assassin Chief as Solomon Grundy. Marinate on that for a minute...

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