Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Krooked Kingdom - Niggative Intent 2001

Aight folks, as promised, I'm back with that exclusive junt I mentioned in my farewell post to the old This is where my blog got it's name from. The first cd I was a part of was with my kinfolks in Memphis in a group called the Crime Lords on a project called Criminal Behavior (which I'll post later). In the hiatus between that and the next Crime Lords project, the group broke off into a few different factions with some members even doing solo stuff. Two new groups came out of the Crime Lords: one of them being Treal and the other was Krooked Kingdom. The Criminal Behavior project was promoted throughout the streets of Memphis upon it's release. For the Krooked Kingdom project, I wanted to take a different approach. I realized early on that a broader, worldwide audience could be reached phukkin' with the internet. Which lead to a small campaign (and eventual reign) on and Napster. Enough talk though, peep this modern day Memphis underground internet classic!

Get it @ CD Baby! Krooked Kingdom - Niggative Intent

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