Monday, April 30, 2012

A Message from Dre'matic

What's up yall??? As you may have noticed, I haven't renewed the cbox subscription, so if you wanna holla at me, just shoot me an e-mail. You can hit me up for anything reasonable, such as special requests for hard to find shit, requests to take down material you hold the copyright for, just to say what up Dre, for beats/studio time scheduling, or if you got some material of your own you want posted. Anybody that keeps up with the blog and has hit me up in the past will tell you I'm a cool ass nigga to deal with. So, with that said, I'ma get back to what I was up to. Oh yea, almost everything I post, I also own copies of myself so if you would like to purchase something that may no longer be available online, just let a nigga know!

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