Sunday, January 26, 2014

DJ Paul & Skinny Pimp Tribute

What up folks??? It's ya boy Dre'matic! Today's post is a tribute to two people that are very responsible for my approach to music as a producer and as a rapper. I can go on for days about these guys' influence on me music wise and personality wise but I'll save that for another time. Anyway, I could have picked any number of tracks to redo but I chose to remake this particular beat because one of my artists wanted to do something with it and not to mention it's one of my favorite tracks of all time. Also, in the previous post of Da Mafia 6ix in the studio before Lord Infamous passed, Paul & Ricky both made it clear that Paul's beats all of a sudden got harder when he got the chance to produce for Skinny Pimp. So without further adieu, here's today's offering. First the classic original ABC's by Skinny Pimp & produced by DJ Paul, then my instrumental remake (minus the Al Kapone intro). (For those who don't know, SMK also produced the one that appeared on Skinny But Dangerous.) Hope you enjoy!

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